Wouldn´t it be the ultimate to just move to a mountain town and ski every day...? However, most recreational skiers only spend a week or two on snow each winter.

“I promise myself to start next season with some lessons... I feel uncomfortable to be in a group with other skiers... As soon as the skis start to glide on the snow, I panic... My friend took me up to the top of the mountain to a “real easy trail... you can do it”... needless to say, I walked down the hill... I hate to go fast...and those moguls... Riding up the lift, I look at skiers coming down the mountain making beautiful turns; I never feel like that...”

When you decide to start your ski vacation with some lessons, come with an open mind and be ready to communicate any concerns you might have. I choose terrain that will be relaxing, easy, and where it will be comfortable to absorb and practice new ideas.


You will learn to control speed by using skis and boots and discover how your equipment, if treated right, can make skiing almost effortless... Rather than worrying about the way you look, or being nervous about “not doing it right”, the focus is on feeling yourself flowing with the terrain, finding comfortable balance and being aware of the surroundings. Learning should be fun and relaxing... after all, this is vacation.

My name is Ole Retlev. I am certified with the Professional Ski Instructors of America, The Swedish National Association of Ski Instructors and International Ski Instructors Association. I teach at Deer Valley, Utah and in Europe, I have lots of patience, listen to your concerns, and I look forward to skiing with you.


Please contact me at skiwithapro@gmail.com